SBL Micro V2
BEC for 2 Servos
BEC for 4 Servos
BEC testing
The processor
Processor part 1
Processor part 2
Testing the processor
The output stage
Output stage control
Testing output stage control
Testing the MOSFET's
Filter capacitors
Soldering the filter capacitors
Testing filter capacitors
EMF Evaluation
Soldering EMF parts
Testing EMF
Remaining parts

20.February 2005

The voltage regulators are stable enough to work without the 0R22 resistors. Therefore bag 17 has been replaced by two 0R0 resistors in bag 18.

15.April 2004

- Online building instructions now oflline available in PDF format
- PC setup program now available also in English

03.March 2004

With doubled FETs (IRF7455 and SI4425DY) continous current of 16A is possible. Cooling with aluminium plates is necessary

03.Oktober 2003

On the MOSFET’s page the part list had an error. The wrong FETs were listed.

02.Oktober 2003

Starting end of September 2003 the board layout is modified. Especially the area of the overcurrent protection (which did not work very well in the previous version) has been modified.
For the new boards you need processors programmed with SW version 1006. This version can also be used on old boards. But never try to use older SW versions on the new board layout.
These pages are based on the new schema.
If you own the older version of the Micro you can still get information on the pages of version 1.

04.September 2003

The current collective order has finished. If you are interested in building the SBL-Micro, please send me a mail. I’m starting a new collective order. Parts for the Sercon 2 Mini Adapter are available within the next two weeks.

13.August 2003

R29 is now a 10R resistor instead of 100R. This is necessary to use also MOSFETs with low threshold (e.g. SI4436) instead of IRF7416.

27.July 2003

The next generation of the SBL-Micro will have 3 x SI4425DY FETs instead of the 6 IRF7416. A current of 10A with 14A peaks is possible.

27.July 2003

10A with only 3 IRF7416!
A small aluminium plate (15x15x1 mm) with thermal compound on the IRF7146 FETs glued with some CA on the TLC3704ID gives you 10A current with only 3 IRF7416..

03.July 2003

With the SBL Micro collective order also the parts for the Sercon 2 Mini Adapter (for PC Setup) are available.

27.June 2003

New collective order for the SBL-Micro controller kit.