Testing output stage control
SBL Micro V2
BEC for 2 Servos
BEC for 4 Servos
BEC testing
The processor
Processor part 1
Processor part 2
Testing the processor
The output stage
Output stage control
Testing output stage control
Testing the MOSFET's
Filter capacitors
Soldering the filter capacitors
Testing filter capacitors
EMF Evaluation
Soldering EMF parts
Testing EMF
Remaining parts

Connect two wires with P1 and P2. If available use a power supply unit with current limiting (50 or 100mA). If you donít have one and you are sure that you donít have not produced any short-circuits, you can also use rechargeable batteries

To attach the ground clamp of the probe without producing short-circuits i recommend to remove a little bit of isolation from the minus wire to the voltage supply. So you can use any alligator clip.

Connect Pin 2 and 3 of the socket with a 1k resistor. This activates the integrated testprogram.
Set the oscilloscope to 1ms/div.

After you have connected the power supply unit at the gate pads of the MOSFETís you should see the square wave signals shown in the picture below.